Thursday, October 29, 2009


He studies when he's not working and when he's not studying he's working! Poor thing. Sweet dreams!

Corn Maze

Can you tell we were a bit chilly? Are noses are bright red! Warm me up Bear! :)

aMAZEing Fun!

SO sorry about last week not posting a blog. Things have gotten a little crazy with all of the big events that have happened at our school and all the dad-gum homework! Whoa professors just calm down a bit. This week I have felt like quitting school but I came to my senses and decided that wouldn't be the best route so I'm still on board with the "education is good" bandwagon. Bear is feeling a bit overwhelmed as well but for some reason never gets too grouchy about it, probably because he is a guy and guys just don't worry like girls. On Monday we had a candidate come to the school so the faculty and students could ask him questions and today we have another candidate coming. Last Friday we held the cornmaze and had such a great turnout! And even better, it wasn't haunted. I wanna know who in the world PAYS to get scared?! Doesn't that seem a little outrageous? Oh get this, the other night Bear got out of bed to grab a drink of water. But, I didn't know that, so I got out of bed to see why HE got out of bed. And I must have startled him because he nearly punched me! Yikes! Stay out of Bear's way when he gets freaked out or else you will have a black eye! Now I know that if anyone breaks into our house he will go A-WALL on em. Guess what? Bear and I will have been married for one year on November 1st!! Everyone says that the first year is the hardest but it's been pretty dang good so hopefully the second is just as awesome. Well, I need to run to the other building to meet the second canidate so have a great Halloween everybody! P.S. I will be posting pictures soon!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Squeaky *C*L*E*A*N*

So today I get to work and find out that one of our cute little children has gotten the swine flu. So, we sanitized the room inside out, if there were germs in there they aren't there anymore cuz we attacked every one of them. LBA reeked of yummy bleach, so we called the cute facilities assistant to come put fans in our room. Don't worry that cute assistant is Bear! It's all good though. I think people get a little too worked up about the flu anyway. But not all is lost!! I am excited because I don't have class today OR tomorrow! Just think of all the house work that can get done!! If you didn't know, I have this crazy obsession of cleaning. everything. At least the things I can see. I'm only 5'2". My best friends are coming to visit this weekend! Any fun ideas of what we should do?

Bear is working SO hard in his classes. I'm so proud of him, he got a 90% on his chemistry test. He's always on the run. He even builds fires for us early in the morning so our house is nice and toasty warm. On Saturday he spent all day moving our firewood closer to the house so I think we are ready for the snow! Oh MAN, guess what?! K so Bear got this crazy old Soviet Union gun that has a long bayonet on the end of it. So now he runs around the house acting like he's a blood thirsty Russian. It is pretty dang entertaining, but we will probably need to go shoot it soon to get it out of his system. Well, I hope everybody has a great fall break! Don't do anything too crazy. :]

Friday, October 9, 2009

Governor Herbert

Every seat was taken today when the governor of Utah stopped by our campus. Clair and I had the opportunity to meet Governor Herbert and present to him a pamphlet that introduced the Brigham City campus. Governor Herbert was a very nice and genuine guy. He spent two hours talking to business leaders of our city, leaders of Brigham City, the community, and students and faculty, We are excited that our campus had such a great privilege to be a part of this experience!