Friday, November 20, 2009

Thank Goodness it's FRIDAY!

I think I may have miscounted for the countdown because I somehow counted that we have 12 days left and last week we had 15 so sorry if I got your hopes up! But look at it on the bright side we have less than two weeks (in school days) left! That is definitely something to be excited about! Yesterday we held our first Turkey Bowling Tournament and it went so well! We had twelve teams hefting large, frozen, stuffed animal polar bears down the "lanes". It was certainly more challenging than it looked! Bear woke up today and said that his buns hurt from throwing the frozen bears hahaha isn't that hilarious? My arms are feeling a bit sore too though... darnit. Nonetheless, we had a fun time! And a special thanks to Jen Gardner and faculty and staff, they provided us with a bunch of 2 liter bottles that we used for our bowling pins. Thanks a million! We hope to see Turkey Bowling become tradition for USU Brigham City. I will be posting pictures as soon as I can!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Some More Please

Bear stoked up our wood burning stove in the kitchen last night when we got home from school and work so it was nice and toasty warm while we did our homework. After we got finished with our stuff bear opened up the stove to find red hot coals. THEN, we both had this great idea to make S'MORES! So, at 10:30 p.m. we decided to make the all American treat and let me tell ya, they were delicious! I highly recommend this treat whether you are camping or not! :]

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything

15 DAYS to go! So this morning the Digis guy came over to our house to check our signal for the internet...we are like negative signal. Dangit. How are we supposed to get our homework done? I guess we will have to come up with plan B. But what the heck, who wants to do homework anyways right?! Good news: Bear earned the highest grade in his math class with a 69% on the last test they had. Ouch! Bad news: as for me, I think I earned the lowest haha shoot, better luck next time I hope. Oh so I promised to get back to you about the Heavenly Chocolate Mousse. It was a winner and the recipe is easy. You can check out the recipe here, Heavenly Chocolate Mousse.

For a brief while, Representative Rob Bishop came to our school to talk to a class about government. We slipped in for it and he sounded like a really nice fellow. We got a picture with him and everything! The only bummer is that I forgot my cord for my camera and can't upload pictures for y'all.

I don't know if everybody knows how much Bear loves George Strait but the other day when the CMA's were on, Bear got home in the middle of them and when George Strait didn't win anything he was nominated for, he was about ready to boycott all big media. How could somebody with more #1 hits than anybody.... ever, and who still gets multiple #1 hits on each album be beaten out by a teenie bopper that can't even hold a tune in a bucket. She sounds terrible live, but anyway, he was torqued. Poor George. We still love him. I just wish we could afford to be concert junkies and follow him around the country! Well, we are outta here, have a great weekend!

Finally the corn maze pictures! Sorry it took so dad-gum long.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Offical Countdown

As of today we have 22 days left in the semester! That I can handle. This week has been pretty dull as far as events go. So Bear and I have been playing catch up on our classes. Looks like this weekend is going to be cloudy with a chance of math, folklore and geology. Hopefully more than a chance though :] it really needs to be done!

Well...I just took my second math test I'm praying that I did okay, I sure wish math was my thing. I am so ready to be done with that class. I'm sure everybody is very excited for the end of the semester and the nice long break we will have! So anyways...I'm kind of feeling bored because Bear just left for his chemistry lab so I think I am going to try a new recipe: Heavenly Chocolate Mousse! I can't wait to try it. I will let you know how it turned out next week! Tootle loo!