Friday, March 26, 2010

We are now into our color photography! I am loving it!

Ha Ha Ha

Back to school after a spring break that seemed way too short! I hope you all had tons of fun. Bear worked all week and I did all of my spring cleaning! It was so nice to get that accomplished! I cannot believe we are 6 weeks away from the END. I love being in college when you can finish a class in 4 months unlike high school where its usually 6 months or year round. Bear will be taking classes again this summer but I chose not to this time. I am looking forward to being a wife and hopefully keeping our garden alive this summer!

This weekend Bear is going shooting with his buddy Abe. I decided to opt out this time and go to lunch with my cousins! We are all about the same age and have way too much fun whenever we get together. We are just a bunch of giggly girls. Then on Saturday night Bear and I are going to a comedy show! Maybe this way I won't have to exercise on Saturday, they say laughing is one of the best exercises for your abs. I don't know about you, but I much rather laugh than exercise. Oh, so I think Bear mentioned that I would post some of my photography pictures on our blog so I will do that today! Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I have got a lot to say, but I am a man of few words. So we will see how this pans out.
First off, last week at about this time, 10:30 for all of you who can't read my mind, a whole bunch of diplomats from Mongolia came over to our campus to see how we run the best regional campus in the state. Well, that was partially my opinion. It was cool to see all non-English speaking folk walk around the school, but the best part about it was that I could talk to them, and nobody else could. Pretty cool huh? Well, back in the day when USSR was in power, Mongolians learned Russian in school. Since I know Russian, I was invited to speak with them and even go to обед (lunch) with them. It was definitely a pleasure to meet them and be able to talk with them. I felt kinda bad for everybody else that had to wait for a translation or had to just chill and watch. It was a great experience.
This last Saturday, we went with the snow club for a ride down the Mantua hill. Get this, it's pronounced man-a-way. Weird right? Anyway, we went up there with some sleds and snowboards and tried our hand at sledding. It was only my second time ever to go down a hill with a board strapped to my feet but we gave it a whirl. I think everybody had fun. I did.

Now if I had the internet at home, I would have got online that evening and posted something about this next part. We went to the last b-ball game of the season Saturday evening. Boy was it fun. It was so loud! Everybody was having fun. Of course we won! I will just have to say that when we left, my voice was about gone and my ears were ringing. Now that's a good game. I love the chants that we have. "Is that the score board? Yes that is the score board. Is that 81 (usually some big number) to 63 (some small number)" haha While everybody points, "winning team, loosing team" over and over. I'm usually not a jerk and I don't turn around when the other team comes out, but it makes you feel so GOOD! That and "up by 30!" these are my favorite. You just want to make sure they realize who is better and who's fans are better. We aren't jerks, we are just good fans. So that was my highlight!