Thursday, April 22, 2010

This and That

Last weekend was kinda a bummer, Bear was puking up his guts all weekend! But we did manage to get a little shooting in. We have really got to practice before our trap shooting competition next weekend, which you all need to get signed up for! It's going to be tons of fun. And there are prizes!

This weekend should be pretty fun, Bear's brother, wife and kids are coming to stay with us! We love having visitors! Everybody have a fun weekend and don't study to hard...

P.S. we will be giving ice cream out to the students next week on Wednesday and Thursday! Be there or miss out on yummy-ness.

P.S.S. sorry for the boring post. We don't have anything exciting to say! :)

Friday, April 16, 2010


Happy Graduation to all of those who have made it!!! I can hardly wait for the day that Bear and I (but mostly Bear, he's going to be making the $$$) graduate! The new student government has been chosen! Justin Watkins will serve as president with Alma Walker as president elect! We are very excited for these guys to take our positions because we know they will do a great job and represent the students well.

This weekend Bear and I are helping with graduation and we might do a bonfire afterwords with some friends of ours. I love this good weather! This summer Bear and I are planning on spending as much time outdoors as we can in between studying and work. I am really looking forward to it. I can't wait to scope out some good fishing holes! Everybody have a great weekend and don't work too hard! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Here is Jaxton!


The Blood Battle was a huge success! We had 52 people donate and collected 43 units of Aggie blood. But...we didn't win! Tooele took the cake this year! Way too go Tooele. And thanks to all that participated. We will have to try again next year.

Our time in student government is coming to a close. We have given out the applications and this week will be interviewing. Time has really flown by! I guess that is what happens when you are extremely busy all the time! This week we have been getting everything lined up for our trap shooting competition. Get your buddies and come join us on May 1st! We have fliers and displays around campus so you can gather all of the information, but it should be a really fun activity. Prizes will be given away too! March Madness was a success! Jerry Shepherd won the Aggie Gear, somebody won the Skullcandy (we only have his email), and for the final prize, Derrik Nelson won the I Pod! Way to go!

This weekend Bear and I are traveling to....Idaho again! Imagine that. Bear has another physical therapist appointment. Cross your fingers we hear good news this time! I am very excited to see my cute little nephew! He needs to know that I am his favorite aunt! If you knew my family you would know that they are all baby hogs. So I have decided that I am going to be aggressive and keep him all to myself! Anyways, everybody have a great weekend and hang in there. We are almost done with this semester!

Friday, March 26, 2010

We are now into our color photography! I am loving it!

Ha Ha Ha

Back to school after a spring break that seemed way too short! I hope you all had tons of fun. Bear worked all week and I did all of my spring cleaning! It was so nice to get that accomplished! I cannot believe we are 6 weeks away from the END. I love being in college when you can finish a class in 4 months unlike high school where its usually 6 months or year round. Bear will be taking classes again this summer but I chose not to this time. I am looking forward to being a wife and hopefully keeping our garden alive this summer!

This weekend Bear is going shooting with his buddy Abe. I decided to opt out this time and go to lunch with my cousins! We are all about the same age and have way too much fun whenever we get together. We are just a bunch of giggly girls. Then on Saturday night Bear and I are going to a comedy show! Maybe this way I won't have to exercise on Saturday, they say laughing is one of the best exercises for your abs. I don't know about you, but I much rather laugh than exercise. Oh, so I think Bear mentioned that I would post some of my photography pictures on our blog so I will do that today! Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I have got a lot to say, but I am a man of few words. So we will see how this pans out.
First off, last week at about this time, 10:30 for all of you who can't read my mind, a whole bunch of diplomats from Mongolia came over to our campus to see how we run the best regional campus in the state. Well, that was partially my opinion. It was cool to see all non-English speaking folk walk around the school, but the best part about it was that I could talk to them, and nobody else could. Pretty cool huh? Well, back in the day when USSR was in power, Mongolians learned Russian in school. Since I know Russian, I was invited to speak with them and even go to обед (lunch) with them. It was definitely a pleasure to meet them and be able to talk with them. I felt kinda bad for everybody else that had to wait for a translation or had to just chill and watch. It was a great experience.
This last Saturday, we went with the snow club for a ride down the Mantua hill. Get this, it's pronounced man-a-way. Weird right? Anyway, we went up there with some sleds and snowboards and tried our hand at sledding. It was only my second time ever to go down a hill with a board strapped to my feet but we gave it a whirl. I think everybody had fun. I did.

Now if I had the internet at home, I would have got online that evening and posted something about this next part. We went to the last b-ball game of the season Saturday evening. Boy was it fun. It was so loud! Everybody was having fun. Of course we won! I will just have to say that when we left, my voice was about gone and my ears were ringing. Now that's a good game. I love the chants that we have. "Is that the score board? Yes that is the score board. Is that 81 (usually some big number) to 63 (some small number)" haha While everybody points, "winning team, loosing team" over and over. I'm usually not a jerk and I don't turn around when the other team comes out, but it makes you feel so GOOD! That and "up by 30!" these are my favorite. You just want to make sure they realize who is better and who's fans are better. We aren't jerks, we are just good fans. So that was my highlight!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Go Aggies!!

Pippi Longstocking

This week has been pretty smooth sailing for Bear and I. We were stoked to come to school on Wednesday and find out that our class was canceled, we actually had a chance to work on some homework. Unfortunately though we have a test in that class this coming week and we had no review. Ick. Psychology is really not are cup of tea.

So two weeks ago we went to Idaho for some reason I can't remember why but we were cruising through Shelly and Bear spotted an "A" for Aggies on a cement wall down by the river! So we made a u-ee and snapped a shot of it, which I will post.

We are in Idaho again this weekend because Bear and I both had doctor appointments. We have been having tons of fun with the family. My brother and I got to chit chatting about our childhood and we remembered this time that we decided to mop the kitchen floors. Inspired by Pippi Longstocking, we tied sponges to our feet, dumped way too many suds on the floor, and tugged the garden hose into the house. Our parents left us alone. Bad move right there! But miraculously, our parents never found out and were actually pleased with the clean kitchen floor! And we had a blast slipping and sliding on our sponges!

Well we hope everyone had a good weekend. Good luck gearing up for midterms! We are almost half way done!
I wonder who is winning? Haha nerf wars are just too much fun!

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Little More About Us

Last weekend was a success with our nieces and nephew, we had tons of fun and nothing in my house broke! I will post a few of our pictures next week, I forgot my camera today. Even though we didn't have classes Monday it has been one hectic week. At Little Brigham Aggies we had a few employees that had things come up so the rest of us were busy filling in their shifts, but I do like the extra hours $$$! Bear has been busy keeping up with his classes trying hard not to fall behind. I should be doing the same thing. hmmm. Looks like that is what I will be doing this weekend! Bear is all sorts of excited because he gets to hang out with his buddy Bryan this weekend and they are going to go snow machining (Bear's absolute favorite thing to do)! Bryan's wife and I are going to stay at her place and make food for when the boys come back. She went to culinary school so I am hoping she shows me her tricks of the trade! I really enjoy cooking I just wish I had more time to do it and experiment with new recipes. I think it is easy to do the same recipes all the time because you know that both you and your spouse like them and if you try something new and don't like it, in our case, there is no time to re-make another meal. I'm bound and determined so I will...someday! :) You guys have a great weekend and hopefully next week will be more exciting to write/read about!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Buns of Steel

Last weekend was a success for our movie day we had 415 people attend. Thanks to all of you that participated! Clair and I went to "When in Rome" and I have to say, not my favorite. But it was free so I can't complain right?

Just in case you haven't heard, we have our very own physical trainer on campus for students. She is excellent and wants to help everybody no matter how much or how little you have to work on. Her schedule is as follows:

Monday 6:30am, 11:30, 12:30, 1:30, 8:00pm
Tuesday 6:15 am
Wednesday 6:30am, 11:30, 12:30, 1:30, 4:45pm
Friday 6:30am, 11:30, 12:30, 1:30pm

Bonus: There is NO fee attached!

I am excited for this weekend not only because I get to spend time with my cuddly Bear but our neices and nephew will be staying with us, we are the babysitters. If that doesn't scare ya I don't know what will! We're going to make sugar cookies, I'll probably be find frosting in places I didn't know existed but it will be a good time! Bear's brothers are also going to be staying with us so we are going to have a house full this weekend. Everybody have a good Valentine's and remember no school Monday!! Whoo hoo!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My mother-in-law taught me how to dip chocolates this year! Being a huge fan of chocolate, I loved every second of it and it was delectable!

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad! Go Aggies! (Bear's parents)
Merry Christmas Mom and Dad! Go aggies! (Kinzie's parents)
On Christmas Eve we had some very tasty prime rib that Bear made. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!
This is my cute new nephew!! I love him to pieces! I just wish we lived in Idaho so we could see him more!

We attended the Christmas Devotional in Salt Lake City. When we go to big events we always bring our body guard along.
Bear loved riding our horse while we had him (he would ride him every morning before school). Don't you love our Texas Christmas tree!?
This is our giant snowman! We built him on a Saturday night and by Sunday morning he kicked the can!
Bear helping his buddy out with his truck.


Since we are so far behind I think I will get y'all caught up with some pictures. They say a pictures worth a thousand words!
We are a little behind the times! With school, student gov. and work, we have become a little stressed out. We aren't in the semester that long either!
A week or so ago we had the opportunity to go to the chamber of commerce banquet. We went because our recently retired Executive Director, Andy Shinkle, received the Total Citizen Award. It was fun to be there and see a well deserved individual get recognized.
Our classes range from fun to "let's just get it out of the way". McKinzie is in a photography class and has been talking some fun pictures. I wish I was as talented as she is. They look really good. Maybe I can convince her to let me put some on here.
We have some fun activities lined up for the students. This Saturday we are having a movie day at walker cinema! It looks like we have had a lot of people interested in it because we have given a lot of tickets away. So get there early before your show sells out! The LDSSA club is putting on a dance this month. As soon as I get the info from them I will be sure to let everybody know so they can come over and shake it.
We hope this finds everybody doing well! Take care.